Lindsey Ellison shares her views on divorce, narcissists and when is it enough


Naked with Adele presents a three part interview with Lindsey Ellison

How to be in relationship with a narcissist? When should you divorce and when is enough enough?


Adele Green interviews Lindsey Ellison, Huffington Post journalist who is outspoken about narcissists. Lindsey freelances and writes for her own blog. Lindsey motives survivors of narcissists based on her own journey.

Lindsey specifically addresses being in a relationship with a narcissist. In this interview we explore:

  • What happens to relationships with co-dependency
  • The dance between narcissist and co-dependency
  • How narcissism imprints develops in childhood
  • How being loved by a narcissist creates limitations of what we believe about ourselves
  • Why we attract narcissist into our love relationships
  • Find out if men become narcissist more than women
  • How to deal with a narcissist
  • How to discover a new empowering perspective if you are with a narcissist
  • Why the role of females is easily exploited to be vulnerable to narcissists?
  • Meeting your needs when you are married to a narcissist
  • How to reprogram your brain to break free from a narcissist
  • How to begin rebuilding yourself when you break free from this kind of relationship
  • When is enough, enough?
  • Lindsey Ellison shares her own story with us since childhood.
  • Why women crave love
  • Why we are so intoxicated with a knight in shining armour
  • Why we fall in love with narcissists in the first place
  • Why we fear not being loved
  • How we realise and intuitively know we need to break up
  • Patterns appearing in our relationships and what we learn from them
  • If we do not learn we hit rock bottom and what happens then
  • Understanding where we belong
  • Why we have a need to fix our partners and how it gets us in trouble
  • The steps we need to break co-dependency
  • Detox from our fear of being alone
  • How to cope and heal
  • Letting the void teach us about abandonment
  • When we start dating again and how to do it
  • Discovering how to overcome narcissists
  • Date night with yourself
  • How to decide to get a divorce?
  • When can you afford to get a divorce?
  • How money follows you when you honour your truth
  • Happiness compared to being financially secure
  • The perspective we develop after having a near death experience and mortality
  • How to break free from a narcissist
  • Letting go of a conflict relationship
  • Defining your truth and finding it
  • Thrive in your relationship

Interviewed by:

Adele Green, Transformation Specialist Coach for women in relationship and Author of interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with daily challenges on their internal journey.

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